On the seventh episode of the Ask Us Anything Podcast, Dave Jenkins answers Nathan question, “Dave, I’ve been listening to you talk about loving God and loving others and find your answers to be helpful. But to push the conversation a little further, I want to know if you can talk about why and how to grow in theological maturity in the Christian life?”

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Theology is the study of God.
  • Doctrine comes from the Word. Theology is the application of our doctrine.
  • Everyone is a theologian.
  • Theological maturity begins with the Bible and is displayed in the fruits of the Spirit and growth in practical holiness.
  • Theological maturity should lead to loving God and others.
  • Theological maturity demonstrates itself in being charitable with other viewpoints learning from them to a degree but still being a Berean searching the Scripture to see if these things are so.
  • Theological maturity demonstrates itself in contending for the faith once and for all delivered to the saints so as to make disciples of the nations, including those who oppose biblical orthodoxy.

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