On today’s Equipping You in Grace show, Dave talks with Corey Miller and Ross Anderson about how a growing knowledge of Scripture helps Christians engage Mormons with the gospel, how to share a biblical testimony with a Mormon, along with their book, Responding To The Mormon Missionary Message Confident Conversations with Mormon Missionaries (and Other Latter-day Saints) (Aneko Press, 2023), among other topics on this new episode.

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Why Christians need to gain knowledge and discernment.
  • How a growing knowledge of Scripture helps Christians to engage Mormons with the gospel.
  • How the Mormon culture shapes their identity and values, and why Christians need to understand this as they engage Mormons.
  • The biblical storyline and sharing the gospel with Mormons.
  • The three levels of authority in Mormonism and how Christians can effective engage each with the gospel.
  • How to share a biblical testimony with a Mormon.

About the Guests

Corey Miller, PhD, was born in Utah as a seventh-generation Mormon. His ancestor was a polygamist and one of Joseph Smith’s bodyguards. Miller is president and CEO of Ratio Christi (ratiochristi.org), a campus apologetics evangelism ministry on 150 campuses. He has four graduate degrees and has taught nearly one hundred college courses in philosophy and religion, including at Indiana and Purdue universities. He is the author of Is Faith in God Reasonable: Debates in Philosophy, Science, and RhetoricLeaving Mormonism: Why Four Scholars Changed Their MindsIn Search of the Good Life: Through the Eyes of Aristotle, Maimonides, and Aquinas; and Engaging with Mormons. He and his family reside in Indiana.

Ross Anderson, DMin, was born in Utah and was raised LDS. After leaving Mormonism as a young adult, he pursued a Master of Divinity degree and a Doctor of Ministry degree. Anderson has served as a church planter and pastor in Utah for four decades and is currently a teaching pastor at Alpine Church. He is the executive director of Utah Advance Ministries and the founder of the Faith after Mormonism project and the Culture-Wise podcast. Ross has authored various books, including Understanding the Book of MormonUnderstanding Your Mormon Neighbor, and Jesus without Joseph – a study guide for former Mormons. Ross is an avid cyclist and reader. He and his wife, Sally, are parents to five adult children.

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