Drew Hunter– Made for Friendship: The Relationship That Halves Our Sorrows and Doubles Our Joys

by | Jun 11, 2018 | Equipping You in Grace, Featured

On the latest Equipping You in Grace episode, Dave Jenkins, and Drew Hunter discuss the importance of friendship in the Christian life and ministry, along with his book, Made for Friendship: The Relationship That Halves Our Sorrows and Doubles Our Joys (Crossway, 2018).

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Discovering how and why to pursue friendship in marriage.
  • Learning how to fight burnout in ministry by cultivating friendship with our spouse and others.
  • The importance of affirming and encouraging one another in friendship.
  • Some practical advice to minister to a friend in deep distress.
  • In what way friendship is the ultimate end of our existence and the highest source of happiness.
  • How technology can hinder our friendships.
  • Real friendship as the missing medicine for many of our afflictions.
  • The six unique joys of friendship.
  • Some of the characteristics that define true friendship.
  • Beginning to cultivate better friendships.
  • Cultivating friendship and pulling up the relational weeds that invest our friendships.
  • Friendship with Jesus as the apex of the glory of God.
  • Learning to cultivate daily friendship with Christ.

About the Guest

Drew Hunter (MA, Wheaton College) is the teaching pastor at Zionsville Fellowship in Zionsville, Indiana. He previously served as a minister for young adults at Grace Church of DuPage and taught religious studies at College of DuPage. Drew and his wife, Christina, live in Zionsville, Indiana, and have three children.

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