On today’s Equipping You in Grace show, Dave and Jeff discuss biblical accountability, discipleship, and wisdom with our digital devices, and his book, Digital Dominion Five Questions Christians Should Ask to Take Control of their Digital Devices (10 of Those, 2022). What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Biblical discipleship and our digital devices.
  • Biblical accountability and our digital devices.
  • How biblical wisdom applies to using our digital devices.
  • Some of the ways our digital devices are harming ourselves and our marriages.
  • How the gospel reorients our perspective towards engaging on our digital devices.
  • The proper place of technology in our lives.
  • The benefits of a digital Sabbath.
  • How the biblical categories of wisdom and folly relate to our digital devices.
  • How we should utilize our digital devices on social media.

About Today’s Guest

Jeff Mingee (DMin, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) is the Regional Catalyst for the SBC of Virginia. He is also the pastor of Catalyst Church in Newport News, Virginia. He is the author of several books, including Forgiveness: A Risk Worth Taking (A Verse by Verse Journey through Philemon), Called to Cooperate: A Biblical Survey and Application of Teamwork, and has written on multiple online venues. He and his wife, Lauren, live in Newport News with their sons, Aiden and Carter.

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