On today’s Equipping You in Grace show, Dave and Deborah Howard consider the place of friendship in grief and loss, the immutability of God and facing loneliness, how the local church can help those facing loneliness, along with her mini-book, HELP! I’m So Lonely (Shepherd Press, 2016).

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Learning to process our emotions in a biblical way.
  • Some warning signs of when to intervene with someone who has experienced loss.
  • The place of friendship in the local church.
  • Immutability and facing loneliness with God’s help.
  • How the Bible’s teaching about loneliness helps us to address grief and loss.
  • How the sufficiency of Christ helps address our need to grow in contentment.
  • How the local church can help those facing loneliness.
  • Strategies to help people process their loneliness.

About the Guest

Deborah Howard and her husband, Theron, live outside Little Rock, Arkansas. Deborah’s writing and speaking ministry serves to comfort the hurting, to instruct, and to write for Him. As a former hospice nurse, her experience lends itself to this ministry. Her fiction work is designed to entertain while demonstrating that living according to biblical principles is indeed possible.

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