Doreen Virtue and I had the absolute honor and privilege to interview Answers in Genesis’ Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson, author of Replacing Darwin. We talked about his book, his work with the human race, genetics, and so much more! I want to thank Answers in Genesis for lending us one of their scientists, Dr. Jeanson for giving us so much of his time, and Doreen for co-hosting with me! Below is a timestamped outline in case you’d like to skip around, as well as some links and resources.

TS 00:00:25 – Our episode with Phil Johnson:
TS 00:04:20 – The statistics for belief in Evolution vs Creation
TS 00:08:20 – How do your peers react to your Christianity?
TS 00:10:55 – Are they suppressing the truth or do they truly believe in Evolution?
TS 00:14:50 – How should we prepare children for university?
Answer’s in Genesis courses:
TS 00:22:15 – Why did you decide to become a scientist?
TS 00:27:25 – Upcoming book?
TS 00:30:00 – How can we discuss the new research on race with grace?
TS 00:35:30 – What about Mitochondrial Eve?
TS 00:39:00 – Where are the genetic mutations heading?
TS 00:45:00 – How have you seen God’s signature in cellular biology
TS 00:49:10 – Does atheism exist?
TS 00:52:00 – How can we be praying for you and your team?

You can find Dr. Jeanson’s book here:
To watch his 25 part series on the human race:
For more information about Dr. Jeanson and his work with Answers in Genesis:

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