On today’s Equipping You in Grace episode, Dave and Crawford Gribben talk about advice John Owen has for Christians facing crisis, his teaching on indwelling sin and mortification, and why Christians should care about Owen today, along with his book, An Introduction to John Owen: A Christian Vision for Every Stage of Life (Crossway, 2020).

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Advice from Owen to Christians facing times of crisis.
  • Why should Pastors and Christians today care about what John Owen has to say to them.
  • How John Owen’s teaching on indwelling sin and mortification can help Christians grow in the grace of God.
  • What theologians helped shaped Owen’s thinking and theology.

About the Guest

Crawford Gribben (PhD, University of Strathclyde) is professor of early modern British history at Queen’s University Belfast, and previously served as associate professor of early-modern print culture at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland. Crawford is also the author of the groundbreaking biography John Owen and English Puritanism: Experiences of Defeat.

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