On today’s Equipping You in Grace show, Dave and Christine Chappell discuss our identity in Christ, how the Church should speak to mental health issues, and support those with mental health challenges, advice for caring for family members and friends with mental health challenges, along with her mini-book, Help I’ve Been Diagnosed With a Mental Disorder (Shepherds Press, 2021).

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • How knowing our identity rooted in Christ helps those with a mental disorder.
  • The meaning purpose of whole-person care.
  • The danger of a cookie-cutter approach to discipleship and care.
  • How the Church should speak to the growing issue of mental health.
  • How the local church can support those with mental health issues.
  • Why Christians should trade the fix-it mentality for the glorifying God mindset.
  • What it means to engage God in our experience.
  • Advice for those who have family or friends who have someone they know with a mental illness and help to walk alongside them.

About the Guest

Christine is the author of Clean Home, Messy HeartHelp! My Teen is Depressedand Help! I’ve Been Diagnosed with a Mental Disorder. She presently serves as the Outreach Director and Hope + Help Podcast Host for the Institute of Biblical Counseling and Discipleship, and is passionate about advocating for biblical one-another care and discipleship in the context of the local church. Her writing has been featured at Desiring GodThe Gospel CoalitionRisen Motherhood, and other Christian platforms. Christine also serves her local church as a biblical counselor and lives in South Carolina with her husband and three children.

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