Can God use even the dust of our lives to bring glory to Himself? We talk about this with Danielle, founder of ImperfectDust about her choice of business name. How did she end up creating such unique and beautiful pieces of art we now see featured at T.J.Maxx, Hobby Lobby, and Kirkland? The gals find out, and have a lot of fun talking with Danielle as she shares her testimony, and much more in today’s episode.

Below is a timestamped outline for your ease of fast forwarding.

Imperfect Dust- Danielle Outline


  • Shout Outs – TS 00:03:10
    • Tami and Gina- Through the Narrow recent article
    • Brooke Bartz book Chronic Love
  1. Becca- share how my sister found Danielle @imperfectdust – TS 00:01:35
    1. Give Kristen a shout out
      1. @luluroekristenturner
  2. Shout Outs – TS 00:03:10
    1. Tami and Gina- Through the Narrow recent article
    2. Brooke Bartz book Chronic Love
  3. Testimony – TS 00:06:55
  4. How did hear about reformed theology? – TS 00:17:45
    1. Is your family also reformed?
  5. How did you get into calligraphy? – TS 00:23:50
    1. What program do you use to create and how much is free hand?
  6. When did you start your Instagram and the awesome name- Imperfect Dust? – TS 00:26:30
  7. What is a lettering class of yours like? – TS 00:38:20
    1. Video?
    2. Becca- What if your handwriting is terrible…is there hope? Lol
  8. Tell us more about your book. – TS 00:41:10
  9. What art and music inspires you? – TS 00:42:20
    1. Do you have to have a quiet workspace or background noise while creating?
  10. What have been some of your favorite creations that you’ve made? – TS 00:44:00
  11. Favorite scripture – TS 00:49:35
    1. Favorite hymn
  12. What are your currently working on? – TS 00:54:10
    1. Hobby Lobby?
  13. What are some future projects? – TS 00:54:30

Danielle’s info

  1. Instagram: @imperfectdust
  2. Facebook: Imperfect Dust
  4. Blog:
  5. Book:

Shenanigans – TS 00:57:30

  • Pineapple on your pizza- yay or nay?
  • Lauren’s silly question: If a blind artist was going to either sculpt, paint, or sketch you which one would you pick?
  • Becca’s silly question: Beauty and the Beast or Little Mermaid?

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