The LGBT airwaves are filled with opinions, and books are being written from every angle – both conservative and liberal. Rachel Gilson adds her voice in her most recent book, Born Again This Way. What makes Gilson’s book refreshing is that she approaches the subject with biblical faithfulness and sensitivity. As one who formerly identified in the LGBT community, the author has much to say by way of experience and offers counsel to anyone who needs help with this controversial subject.

The writing in Born Again This Way is conversational in tone, gracious in spirit, and filled with a wealth of counsel that is grounded in sacred Scripture and the Christian worldview. Gilson does not come across as preaching or dogmatic, but she makes her points clear from start to finish. She is honest about her struggles and offers hope and grace to anyone who will listen. Her voice is much-needed in a climate that tends to generate more heat than light.

There is no compromise here. Gilson never “sells the ranch” to gain a hearing from the LGBT community. But her style is down to earth and winsome. Such an approach is bound to draw people from all persuasions to join in the conversation.

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