Posted On February 19, 2014

Devotionals traditionally have been a very helpful means the Lord has chosen to use in the life of His people. One can hardly think of devotionals without thinking of men like Charles Spurgeon and Oswald Sanders. The best devotionals are Scripture based and help the reader think through what the passage means and how to apply it to their daily lives.  A new devotional Wonders in the Word Daily Bible Reading Plan. A Daily Discovery of Eternal Treasure by Wil Owens (with a foreword by Dr. Donald Whitney) has recently come out that seeks to help the reader understand and experience the truth of Scripture in all of life.

Wil contends that, “If Bible reading is not a discipline in your life, you most likely will not read it at all. Probably you will find yourself among many you “believe” what the bible says but do not know what the Bible says! Having a plan, a place, and a time are essential components of building consistent Bible reading into your daily life. This is not legalism; this is life! God’s word is His divine self-disclosure to us concerning salvation, life, and life eternal. Reading Scripture is reading truth. Reading Scripture is to hear directly from God. It is God’s Word” (xi).

The above point by the author is one that I’ve often thought and written about in recent days. Wil is right that we need a plan in order to succeed in our reading of the Word of God.  Furthermore he is also right write when he notes, “God’s Word is a storehouse of practical wisdom, profound promises and sheer joy” (xi). Perhaps one of the best ways to see the importance of reading the Bible is through the prism Wil invites us to—to see that the Bible is the Word of God containing His promises to man. Scripture reveals God’s character to man. The author writes this devotional for the purpose of “experiencing the Word of God in your life. To get to know God by getting to know His Word. To be amazed, startled, amused, humbled, in awe, struck, and fed. To feast on His goodness and marvel at His grace” (xii).

Each devotional in Wonders in the Word takes sometimes several chapters of the Bible and sometimes less and examines what they mean briefly and then seeks to talk about what they mean to the reader. Each devotional in this book is written pastorally with a view to be faithful to the Word as best as he understands this. The Wonders of the Word is a helpful devotional written for the people of God that will help them to have a regular Bible-reading plan as they consume what Wil has written in this devotional. Wonders in the Word would be good for the layperson looking for a helpful devotional to guide them in their reading of the Word of God. This devotional will help laypeople to understand the Word of God and how what the Bible teaches relates to their daily Christian life.

Title: Wonders in the Word: A Daily Bible Reading Plan. A Daily discovery of Eternal Treasure

Author: Wil Owens

Publisher: Crossbooks (2013)

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