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Book Review – The Golden Years: Healthy Aging and The Older Adult

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There is a sobering reality of one’s mortality that kicks in when you read a book on healthcare, and especially when said book is focused on healthcare for people who are age 65 and up. The truth is that I am already in my 30’s, so 65 no longer appears very old to me. Terms like Medicare, Medicaid, and Assisted Living have taken on whole new meanings for me as I have not only pondered my own mortality, but my parents (and in-laws) mortality as well. I would love to be able to avoid topics related to healthcare for as long as possible, but the fact remains that even if I wholly ignored healthcare altogether it wouldn’t ignore me. From the moment each one of us was born, we started on the path to death, and how/when we arrive at our death can be directly affected by our views on healthcare (especially preventative healthcare). Mr. Bogosh’s book, The Golden Years: Healthy Aging & the Older Adult, takes a brief, but much needed look, at healthcare for the aging adult. Now, even though this book was written with an older audience in mind (65+), there is so much truth in here that I needed to be reminded of and I am thankful to God that I read this book.

Your health, for the most part, is going to be directly affected by how you view your body. If you view your body as a sacred gift from the Lord, then that will be the constant motivation in your life to do whatever is necessary to honor guard by guarding your body. If a person can find the proper motivation to stay healthy, then that will make all the difference in the world during those rough battles through sickness, laziness, and injury.

Furthermore, according to Mr. Bogosh, a lack of motivation is one of the major issues negatively affecting healthcare. The other two major negative issues hindering older adults in their quest for good health are health literacy and financial resources. Health literacy is pretty much just having a basic understanding of “medical information, a healthcare provider’s instructions, medical education brochures, informed consent documents, prescriptions, and over-the-counter medication labels.” A lack of proper financial resources is a huge issue in the fight for good healthcare in a group of people who are pretty much on a fixed income. Any fluctuation whatsoever in the cost of prescriptions, doctor’s visits, etc. could force an older adult to choose whether they would rather eat their next meal or receive the proper medical treatment they need to survive.

Also, educating people that making good healthcare decisions now can go a long way in reducing chronic health conditions later in life, is a major focus of Mr. Bogosh’s book. Even for those who are already well past the age of 65 can benefit from making a healthy lifestyle change. I hear far too many people talk about how their bad health is due to genetics, when I would submit that most of our issues are because we are lazy and do very little to try and limit negative results on our health later in life by living a healthy lifestyle now. The fact is that we all need to exercise (cardio and weights) on a routine basis, and we also need to incorporate some balance-improving exercises and stretching into our weekly routines. Again, if we are a people motivated by the fact that our bodies are a gift from God, then we won’t have much problem realizing just how needed, and beneficial, exercise really is.

However, exercise by itself is not really enough. We have to get our diets in order as well. Living on a diet full of skittles, coke, pizza, and milkshakes is not going to lead to a longer, healthier life. According to Mr. Bogosh, we need to not only exercise, but maintain a healthy diet focused on getting the daily intake of fruits, vegetables, water, etc. We also need to add some vitamins and supplements to our diets, but, if you are an older adult, Mr. Bogosh encourages you that you let your Doctor/Pharmacist know exactly which vitamins and supplements you are taking as they could have a negative impact on your body if mixed with certain medications you might be on. Surrounding yourself with a good healthcare team is one way you can live a healthier life. A good Doctor (Geriatrician is recommended), helpful Pharmacist, Eldercare Services (Meals-on-wheels, Senior citizen focused programs, etc.), and a church committed to loving the elderly are just some of the people that Mr. Bogosh recommends an elderly person surrounds themselves with to help them get all of the information they need to live a healthier life.

The latter half of the book is focused on Healthcare Management (PSDA’s, DRNO’s, Informed Consent, Living Wills, Long-term Care, Hospice Care), Common Health Problems & Loss, and finally Chronic Health Conditions & Management. Mr. Bogosh does a great job of consistently reminding readers that the reason we are experiencing death, pain, loss, and bereavement is because of the Fall. The story of the Fall and the resulting sin nature that resulted from it is not a dominating theme in the book, but it definitely gets mentioned multiple times as a way of keeping the focus on the Bible and the fact that even though our bodies are a mess here, if you are a born-again believer, you are going to receive a new body in heaven incapable of decay.

I received this book for free from Good Samaritan Books via Cross Focused Reviews for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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