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Book Review Servanthood as Worship: the Privilege of Life in a Local Church

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Servanthood as Worship: the Privilege of Life in a Local Church is written by Nate Palmer, Pastor, church planter and blogger. This book is only 102 pages but it is packed with content that is Gospel-gold. This book ranges in topics from the nature of service to the purpose of service. Throughout the book, Nate clearly grounds his argument in a biblical-theological framework from which he explains the importance of believers’ serving in the local Church.

Many Christians today sadly have a low-view of the Church, which is usually a symptom of not understanding the nature and purpose of the Church. Thankfully Nate Palmer has written a book that grounds the ministry of the Word and Spirit in the context of the local Church. This helps the believer understand the importance of serving others in the inside and outside of the local church.

Servanthood As Worship as I noted before is an important book, and I would like to give you a few reasons why I think you should read this book. First, reading Servanthood As Worship will help you to be able to answer the question, “What is servanthood?”, and its accompanying question, “Why serve in the local Church?” Second, reading this book you will get a mini-theological education as Nate explores topics such as justification, adoption and sanctification and how these doctrines play out in the context of ministering to people. The final reason you should read Servanthood As Worship is to learn that ministry ought to always be motivated by love for the Savior not to please people, but to minister to the saved and unsaved.

In my opinion chapter seven was the best chapter in the book as Nate explains how the believer can serve motivated by love for the Savior in order to minister the saved and unsaved. Being that I’ve burned out in ministry before this was an important reminder for me. The rigors of ministry can often become a grind rather a delight, and more often a duty to be performed than a joy to be enjoyed. I have often said that serving in ministry of any kind is a privilege and not a right, and I am truly thankful that Nate reminds us in this book of the important of serving not when one’s tank is on empty, but out of the abundance of who Jesus is, and reflecting His love to others.

I greatly enjoyed reading Servanthood As Worship by Nate Palmer as it is a book that is thoroughly grounded in the Word of God and seeks to strengthen believers as they serve the Lord in the context of the local Church. I recommend you get a copy of Servanthood As Worship and learn from Nate Palmer as he teaches you how you can be a servant of God and make a difference for the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Title: Servanthood as Worship: The Privilege of Life in a Local ChurchBook Review Servanthood as Worship: the Privilege of Life in a Local Church 1

Authors: Nate Palmer

Publisher: Cruciform Press (2010)

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