Posted On November 21, 2011

Most Christians fall into three camps regarding theology, either they think that theology is dry, boring and divisive, or they are really passionate about theology but have no love or patience for those who disagree. The third camp over time has learned what doctrines are directly related to the Gospel, and which doctrines are non-essential to the Gospel. In a style similar to John Stott’s Basic Christianity, Dr. Erik Thoennes has written Life’s Biggest Questions What The Bible Says about The Things That Matter Most. His book is a very helpful primer on what biblical Christianity teaches. One of the really cool features of this book is the recommended reading at the end of each chapter that will help the reader to go deeper into the subject matter the author discusses.

The most helpful chapter in this book in my opinion is chapter three where the author examines what it means to know and love God. Here the author briefly explains how to test whether a doctrine is essential to the Gospel, or whether it is secondary. The author calls essential doctrines to the Gospel “absolutes” which according to him define the core beliefs of the Christian faith. The second thing he mentions is convictions, which are not core beliefs, but may have significant impact on the health and effectiveness of the church. The third point he makes is opinions which are views or personal judgments that are generally not worth dividing over. Finally questions are unsettled issues. (Thoennes, 35).

I recommend you get a copy of Life’s Biggest Questions What The Bible Says about The Things That Matter Most by Dr. Erik Thoennes. This book will help you to know and to think through what biblical Christianity is, which will equip you to contend and defend the Christian faith.  Life’s Biggest Questions What the Bible Says about The Things that Matter Most is a good book for the new believer, but also for the Bible College or seminary students looking for a very basic introduction to theology. Pick up a copy of this book and learn what it means to know, love and serve God with all of your heart, mind and strength.

Title: Life’s Biggest Questions: What the Bible Says about the Things That Matter MostBook Review Life's Biggest Questions What The Bible Says About The Things That Matter Most 1

Author: Erik Thoennes

Publisher: Crossway 2011

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