Posted On May 29, 2013

Matthew Fretwell and I met at a class on pastoral theology in 2011 when we were students at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. Matt was one of the first people I asked to write on Servants of Grace when I made the decision to add more writers to the team of Servants of Grace. While Matt and I lost contact for a little while, over the past few years I remained appreciative of Matt’s ministry. When he and I got back in contact a couple of months ago, I asked him if he would write on Servants of Grace again, and he said, “Yes.” When he told me he wrote a book I told him I would definitely read it and review it. Now you need to understand I turn down a lot of people who want me to review their books. It isn’t because I am a “book snob”.  I love to read and would gladly read and review every book people send my direction. Some people think I review a lot of books already (I do) and I read even more books that I never officially review.  I love to read and write so being a book review blogger is a true joy for me. When Matt asked me if I would read and then review his book, I said yes because I was interested in the topic. Matt’s first book is called Denied Desires: The Upward Integrity of God’s Servant Job and Why Decisions Matter.

The book takes a seriously look at Job 31 and what it means for men. Woven throughout the book is Matt’s story of becoming a man of God. The thing I appreciate most about Matt is his transparency. If you were to talk to Matt on the phone you would quickly realize he is the real deal. I know he wouldn’t like me going on and on about this, but his book is the real deal. I’ve read a lot of books on men’s issues over the years but what is so good about Matt’s book is his emphasis on the Bible, the Gospel and the lessons one can glean through Matt’s personal story.

This book is only two hundred and twenty four pages but it felt like a much shorter book. Not shorter because of the content but because of Matt’s writing style. Matt writes in a way that will help you move quickly through the material all the while having your heart and your mind will be bathed in the Word of God. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again—a good book will make you think but a great book will change the way you think. Matt has written a great book that will challenge you in all the right ways and point out areas of struggle in each of our lives. Every single one of us has issues with sin which is why we need to learn from Matt as he walks us through Job 31 and giving us a glimpse into the life of God’s servant Job.  Based on the biblical blueprint of Job, the “Job 31 man” is the counterpart to the Proverbs 31 woman.

Whether you are a brand new Christian or have been a Christian a long time, every man needs to learn what a godly man looks like. I learned what a godly man is in high school not by reading books but by spending time with older mature men of God. One of the great needs of the modern Church is for men to learn what a godly man looks like and thankfully Matt has provided this resource to help Christian men learn what it means to be a man of God. Using Job 31, Matt faithfully describes a Job 31 man which will challenge and help men to become what they are called to be, men after God’s own heart.  Whether you are a son or a father, heed the cry of this book. Sons need godly fathers, our churches need godly men and our workplaces need men committed to living lives based on the Word of God. I cannot recommend this book highly enough, so I will just say go get a copy of this book and pray Jesus would use this book in your life for His glory.

You can buy this book by clicking on the the title of the book: Denied DesiresBook Review - Denied Desires: The Upward Integrity of God’s Servant Job and Why Decisions Matter 1

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