Parker Reardon

I am privileged to have been raised in a Christian home and local Bible Church, yet I did not come to saving faith until some point in my later teen years. When I went off to Word of Life Bible Institute I planned on going to law school afterwards, yet the Lord gave me a love for His Word and people and began growing in me a desire to instruct others in His timeless truth. That year began His calling of me into full-time ministry. I’ve had the opportunity now to be in ministry for well over 20 years. I’ve been happily married to my wife Cynthia for 25 years and the Lord has graciously given us bookends of girls, with 5 boys between them. I have pastored in my home state of Maine, but am currently on pastoral assignment in southern Oregon. My gratitude also extends to the various ministries that have poured into my life, like the Master’s Seminary and the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. I continue to provide adjunct instruction to a couple of Christian institutes of higher education and serve as counselor/discipler at Sovereign Grace Biblical Counseling, It has been an exciting ride, as the Lord has grown me and given me the supreme privilege to preach, teach, and counsel the Word of God. I pray that should the Lord Jesus tarry in His return for His church, that I’ll be faithful to practice biblical ministry for His eternal praise and glory. Check out more of his work at Biblical Expositor.