Anne McDaniel

Anne McDaniel (a. k.a. Leah) is married to Patrick and has 4 grown children:  Meredith, Shelley, Allison, and Christian.  A graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary with a degree in marriage and family therapy, she has worked in ministry in Florida, Utah, and California.  Since moving back to the Atlanta area, she has managed her home and a DMV office - if that doesn’t prepare you for life, nothing will!  Anne is convinced that God’s word is the be-all and end-all of her existence and is eager to see others fall in love with the Bible and the God who gave it to us.  Sipping tea in the mornings, watching the birds at the feeders, and experiencing life vicariously through her children are favorite pastimes.  You can find more of her writings on a variety of subjects on a Facebook page called, Well, if you ask Me.