This year has been a really weird year with pandemics, murder hornets, tic tac shaped UFO footage declassified by the government…Let’s be honest, we all have that family member (and some of you are that family member) that is as sure of aliens as the most devout Catholic believes in the pope. How do we deal with this strange phenomenon, in light of our Christian worldview and Biblically sound theology? Let’s take our mind off of the endless election to discuss something out of this world. I answered all the excellent questions you sent in at the end of this episode. There’s a timestamped outline below if you’d like to skip around.Introduction to the topicTS 00:05:55 – Do I believe that there are aliens visiting this planet?TS 00:07:45 – Looking at the numbers of claimsTS 00:15:00 – How this links to the New AgeTS 00:18:30 – The government/military responseTS 00:21:00 – Why this ends up in the New AgeTS 00:23:00 – Our planets unique life sustaining positionTS 00:24:45 – The Fermi paradoxTS 00:27:00 – Theologically kicking the canTS 00:28:00 – Why Intelligent Beings can’t travel hereTS 00:32:00 – These Aliens have a lot to say about ChristianityTS 00:33:10 – Abductions stop at the name of ChristAlien Intrusion Movie: Intrusion Book: 00:36:45 – Are we putting God in a box?TS 00:45:00 – Could evolution have created life everywhere?TS 00:50:00 – Modern “Aliens” throughout historyTS 00:52:10 – Why do people want this to be real?TS 00:54:30 – Suppressed Memories TangentTS 00:59:05 – Are these Nephilim?Tim Chaffey’s book Fallen Book Review: 01:00:00 – Does this relate to the end times deception?
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