It’s no secret that the Reformed community has somehow managed to make a name for itself as, well, rude, arrogant, and ungracious. Ungracious? How is it possible that the group of believers that hold so tightly to the doctrines of Grace could act ungraciously? I’ve heard from several people over the last year that they agree with the doctrine, but struggle with the people professing it. The gals interviewed popular Instagrammer @FriendlyCalvinist in this two part series on the how’s and why’s of this phenomenon. This first episode is more about getting to know the Friendly Calvinist, and the timestamped outline is below. Becca and Lauren want to thank the FriendlyCalvinist for joining them on the program and sharing so much of his story with them.
  • How did you become the Friendly Calvinist? TS – 1:55
Link to R.C. Sproul Article:
  • Testimony Time: TS – 12:02
Prodigal Season: 21:10
  • What Seminary did you attend?: TS – 43:40
  • Discussing his Little Disciple: TS – 47:30
  • How should be Disciple Young People: TS – 52:22
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