On today’s Contending for the Word show, Dave considers Andy Stanley’s teaching on sexual ethics and his Unconditioned conference, the latest from those who oppose biblical sexuality and the latest response to those who reject biblical sexuality from those who support biblical sexuality, among other topics on this new episode.

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Who Andy Stanley is and his ministry.
  • Andy’s latest teaching on sexual ethics from his Unconditioned conference.
  • The latest on the conversation from those who oppose biblical sexuality.
  • The latest response from those who support biblical sexuality to those who oppose biblical sexuality.
  • The Bible’s teaching on biblical sexuality and sexual ethics.
  • The danger of theological liberalism and theological relativism.
  • What a theology from above and below are and the dangers of a theology from below.
  • How to be a good theologian and why everyone is a theologian.

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