On today’s Equipping You in Grace, Dave and Dr. Andreas Kostenberger discuss strategies to read the Gospels, how the Gospels use the Old Testament and how this helps Christians read the Gospel rightly, along with advice for preaching and teaching the Gospels, along with his book, The Jesus of the Gospels: An Introduction (Kregel, 2020)

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • What distinguishes the Gospels from other forms of literature in the Bible.
  • How the Gospels use the Old Testament and how such an understanding helps Christians to read the Gospels properly.
  • Some of the challenges of reading the Gospel of Matthew rightly.
  • Some strategies to read the Gospel of John.
  • How we should read the Gospel of Mark.
  • How Luke’s historical record helps readers understand the intended goal of the Gospel of Luke.
  • Two of the biggest challenges to the Gospels today and how Christians should respond to them.
  • Advice for Pastors wanting to preach Christ-centered and gospel-focused from the Gospels on the person and work of Jesus.
  • Understanding discipleship and the mission of Jesus from the Gospels and how it impacts the life of the Christian.

About the Guest

Dr. Andreas Köstenberger is a leading evangelical author and scholar. He is Research Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology and the founding Director of the Center for Biblical Studies at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is also the founder of Biblical Foundations, an organization devoted to encouraging a return to the biblical foundations in the home, the church, and society.

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