On the latest Equipping You in Grace episode, Dave Jenkins and Andreas and Margaret Kostenberger discuss strategies to help parents help their children navigate technology, conflict, fight for purity, communicate expectations, and grow in grace, along with their book, Equipping for Life: A Guide for New, Aspiring & Struggling Parents.

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • A brief theology of parenting.
  • The importance of trust in marriage.
  • Biblical gender roles and marriage.
  • Some of the most significant issues Christian parents today face as they raise their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord.
  • How parents can help their children navigate social media, the internet, and learn to be good stewards of technology.
  • How parents can help their children learn to deal biblical and maturely with conflict, stressful, situations, and challenging people.
  • Dealing with the father wound.
  • Parents learning to communicate their expectations to their children.
  • How our biblical and historic convictions about the Bible itself affect how we interpret the Bible.
  • The importance of friendship in marriage.
  • Strategies for helping parents help their children fight for purity.
  • The importance of communication with your spouse and flourishing in marriage.
  • How pastors and ministry leaders can help parents in their task of training their children in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus.

About the Guest

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