Wondrous Works of God: A Family Bible Story Book, by Starr Meade is a well written and a nicely illustrated (by Tim O’Connor) storybook. It has many thoughtful questions and promptings for families to use during Bible study time.

As someone who has a young nephew, I thought it would be nice to be able to read Bible stories to him, so I acquired this book (as a review copy from Crossway) for his 3rd birthday. He loves reading books with me and is constantly bringing over books from his supply for us to read together. Since he is normally so excited, I was confused by his initial dismissal of this book.

One day I sat down with the book and asked him if he wanted to read a story. He said, “Yes, but not that one.” I insisted on it, so he gave in and sat down with me. While the stories in it were nicely illustrated and fairly easy to read, it was clear that the book was meant for someone much older than 3 years, which was certainly disappointing.

I’m sure at one point in his life he will enjoy reading it, but he has yet to reach that point, sadly. It was too boring/slow moving in his estimation. He loved the pictures, but little else. He didn’t want to hear about any of the biblical characters portrayed therein. He quickly got tired of reading it and abandoned the pastime altogether that day.

I suppose in a year or two we can try reading it again, and hopefully then he will be more engaged. I do not recommend this book for any child under the age of 4, unless the adult is convinced of his/her higher maturity. This is not something that can easily be read to a child 3 or under.

And while I still think this is a worthwhile book and hope to put it to use in the future, at this time I cannot give as thorough a review as I’d like. Hopefully this honest assessment will help those thinking of purchasing the book for their loved ones and take into consideration this age requirement.

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