Below is a timestamped outline of todays episode. The gals hope that this will be a blessing to you all, should some prefer to skip the silliness, or the serious bits. The entire Tulips & Honey team hope that you’ve all had a very Happy New Years! Introduction and Silliness1. Shout outs: Timestamp – 10:30a. Nancy from Gospel Coalition helping Lob. Honorary friends – Kathy & Sarahc. Mentor Deena and her daughterd. Karae. Tami and Ginaf. Lys from Instagramg. Cave to the Crossh. Vintage Vinyl Kreations2. Favorites of 2019: Timestamp –  22:50a. Lauren’s Favoritesi. Beccab. Becca’s Favoritesi. Laurenii. The Podcastiii. All of our wonderful guests!!!iv. Church3. Social Media and Family Members: Timestamp – 27:304. Favorite Episodes: Timestamp – 47:255. Upcoming: Timestamp – 56:40a. Our testimony videos!b. G3 Conferencec. Lauren and Becca Meet up!!!!!d. Monthly Women’s Teaching check in: Timestamp – 1:03:20i. Maybe with Lo?ii. Just a quick clip?iii. Blog post?iv. All the above? lole. The Bar Podcast!f. Doreen Virtueg. Some friends from churchh. Podcasters and weekly posts by themi. Through the Narrowj. MERCH: Melanie Brooke: Shenanigans: Timestamp – 1:11:28a. Beccai. What was the funniest thing that happened to you in 2019?b. Laureni. Worst baby name you’ve ever heard? Baby talk the answer.Find out more about this podcast channel by visiting their website
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