Before Adrian Rogers passed away, he had several mini pastor conferences where he spent personal time training local pastors. A pastor who attended one of these events loaned me the cd’s to listen to Rogers’s training. One comment Rogers said still rings in my ears: “Compliments are like perfume; you can smell them, just don’t drink them.”  This is so true. The reality is that you’re probably never as good as someone says you are. Enjoy the various compliments you receive, but don’t be prideful. Enjoy the encouragement, but make sure you enjoy God through these compliments, instead of merely enjoying these comments. After all, what do you have that you did not receive (1 Cor. 4:7)?

Furthermore, you can apply Rogers’s comment to criticism as well. You’re probably never as bad as someone says you are either. Thus, take the criticism, examine its validity biblically and practically, just don’t drink it, and repent if necessary. There’s grace in the cross of Christ, and if He has shown you grace through Christ, show yourself grace as well. Go and sin no more while pleading the blood of Christ (Col. 3:5-8).

What are your thoughts?