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Book Giveaway 10/24/2014-10/31/2014

Coming October 31 is our second Issue of Theology For Life on the person and work of Jesus Christ titled “Christology: Christ, the Church, and the Christian Life“.  This issue will help you to not only understand what the Bible teaches about this vital topic but also to be equipped to answer objections to this doctrine. I encourage you to read our second issue Friday October 31 and be encouraged, but for now I hope you’ll enjoy our giveaway sponsored by our friends at Crossway, B&H Academic and Dutton Adult and please encourage your friends and family to check...

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Introduction to Theology For Life and Book Giveaway 8/5/2014-8/11/2014

Hello and Welcome to Theology for Life Magazine! One of my main concerns about contemporary evangelicalism is that we are an inch deep and a mile wide. Christians should be growing deep and wide in the gospel. We do that by knowing what we believe, why it matters, and how to implement a biblical worldview into all of life. This is exactly why Theology for Life magazine exists. We exist to help lay people to understand biblical and theological issues from a confessionally Reformed perspective. We’re not trying to be a theological encyclopedia, but to explain old truths and...

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