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What Biblical Counseling is NOT: Simply Spiritual

What Biblical Counseling is NOT: Simply Spiritual At some level all our problems are theological. A more controversial statement cannot be made in the realm of counseling, but it’s a statement that I truly believe. Since we live in God’s world everything about us, our lives and our struggles are related to God. That means everything has a theological or spiritual element to it. This truth is, in part, what drives the approach of Biblical counselors. Such a concept of people, problems, and life itself has led many to conclude that biblical counselors can only offer spiritual guidance, no...

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What Biblical Counseling is NOT: Sin-Obsessed

What Biblical Counseling is NOT: Sin-Obsessed I have been looking at some of the characterizations of Biblical Counseling over the last several weeks. There are many to consider, but I have limited myself to the most serious and most common. This critique today argues that Biblical Counseling is just focused on sin, or “sin-hunting” as some say. In truth, a multi-paradigm approach directs the individual-specific counsel that we seek to give. “Counselors don’t treat problems; they care for people.” That’s my hyperbolic way of communicating to myself, and my students, that Biblical Counseling isn’t formulaic. We don’t just place...

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Biblical Counseling Is Not Anti-Medicine

I am a biblical counselor. I spend most of my day working with others to evaluate their problems, strategize for change, and seek wisdom from God’s Word. I love what I do, but what I do is different from many of the dominant models of counseling. Biblical counseling’s emphasis is on the first of those two words: the Bible. This emphasis has led many to draw all kinds of reductionist conclusions about this model of care and make all kinds of accusations against it. In this series, it is my hope to communicate a more detailed picture of biblical...

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