Category: Lessons from Marriage and Singleness

5 Ways Adult Children Can Honor Their Parents

How should an adult grown (presumably married, but not necessarily) child relate to his or her parents? There is a tension in Scripture between obeying the Scripture which says to “leave and cleave” in forming your own adult identity and family (Genesis 2:24; Matthew 19:5) and obeying the Scripture which says to “honor your father and mother” (Exodus 20:12;Ephesians 6:2). Every family has it’s own rhythm. Every family has its own share of circumstances, from abusive to permissive to annoying, etc. So how one adult child handles his or her parents isn’t necessarily a blueprint for another. Still, the Scriptures...

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Anniversaries Are About God, Not Gifts

When people in our society think of wedding anniversaries, they typically think of gifts. We’ve seen the exhaustive (and exhausting) list of what each anniversary year represents. Year one is paper; year two is cotton, year three is leather, and so on. According to tradition, you should buy your spouse a gift of this particular type on that particular year. When others think about anniversaries, they immediately think about a romantic getaway. Anniversaries may involve a long-awaited trip with our spouse, but we easily fall into thinking our celebration must look like all the anniversary getaways on Pinterest. We...

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The Beauty of Submission in Marriage

Some may think it unwise to raise the subject of “submission” in marriage, much less to commend it as the essential virtue for happiness between husband and wife. And, yet, commend I do. Nay, I urge it. Indeed, you dismiss the divinely revealed truth of submissiveness in the marital union at your own peril and to certain regret. But we must be careful to warn the reader: that uneasy shifting in our emotional pews upon hearing the word uttered in a lectionary reading, the embarrassment we might occasionally feel when we hear a preacher broach the unpopular, if not...

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