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When You Have Made Your Husband into an Idol

Back in Junior High, I remember one of my friends making the bold statement that she never wanted to get married. Being one of the girls who always dreamed of Prince Charming, I couldn’t help but scrunch my nose up and ask, “Why?” She answered, “Statistically, women outlive their husbands. I don’t want to face that.” Sensing the confused and concerned stares on our faces, she quickly added, “Also, I just want to travel by myself wherever I want when I grow up.” That was proceeded by laughter and a conversation about future dream vacations. That conversation stuck with...

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How to Lead Family Devotions

We recently started doing family devotions again. Mark Twain once quipped that to give up smoking was the easiest thing in the world-he knew because he had done it thousands of times. We all know that bad habits are hard to break, and good habits are hard to make. At least for my family, sustaining a regular family worship time has been something I’ve repeatedly begun, only to lose steam, settle into apathy, and repent and start over again weeks or months later. So I’m not writing this from a platform of perfection, but rather out of my own trials and...

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Ten Things Nobody Tells You About Being a Dad

Before I became a dad, I thought I would be a pretty good at it. After all, I grew up in a lovely, Christian home, I read a few parenting books and heard quite a few messages on biblical parenting. So I was set. The kids I would raise would be fortunate to have me as their father. Then, a funny thing happened. I became a dad for the first time. First came Grace, then Daniel Jr, then Emma, and finally Lily. I’m now a father of four, and I know much less about parenting than I did before...

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5 Ways Adult Children Can Honor Their Parents

How should an adult grown (presumably married, but not necessarily) child relate to his or her parents? There is a tension in Scripture between obeying the Scripture which says to “leave and cleave” in forming your own adult identity and family (Genesis 2:24; Matthew 19:5) and obeying the Scripture which says to “honor your father and mother” (Exodus 20:12;Ephesians 6:2). Every family has it’s own rhythm. Every family has its own share of circumstances, from abusive to permissive to annoying, etc. So how one adult child handles his or her parents isn’t necessarily a blueprint for another. Still, the Scriptures...

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Anniversaries Are About God, Not Gifts

When people in our society think of wedding anniversaries, they typically think of gifts. We’ve seen the exhaustive (and exhausting) list of what each anniversary year represents. Year one is paper; year two is cotton, year three is leather, and so on. According to tradition, you should buy your spouse a gift of this particular type on that particular year. When others think about anniversaries, they immediately think about a romantic getaway. Anniversaries may involve a long-awaited trip with our spouse, but we easily fall into thinking our celebration must look like all the anniversary getaways on Pinterest. We...

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