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Tell Me What To Write On

Every now and again, I ask on social media what you guys would like me to write on. In the spirit of that idea, I thought it might be fun to ask our blog readers what topics you would like to see me write on (as well as the other contributors) here on Servants of Grace. I want you to tell me (and us as a team) what you want to see covered here on Servants of Grace. All you have to do is leave a comment with your topic suggestion. Any topic is up to be covered. If there are one’s you like in particular please reply to that suggestion with a “second” or something like that. If I’m completely overwhelmed with great ideas, I will take the top ten to start with and run a poll to see which one’s you guys are particularly interested in. All suggestions are welcome. We will do our best to get to every topic suggested. I look forward to  all of your...

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Immaturity, Maturity and Discipleship

Every week I am going to take a question and answer it. If you have a question or questions feel free to submit it here: and it will be answered either on the website or privately. This week’s question is, “How do I grow from immaturity into maturity in Christ? The author in Hebrews 5:12 is sharpening and expanding why the Hebrew believers are sluggish; not growing in mature understanding as they should be. The exhortation here extends to all believers not just teachers. Furthermore, any mature believer in Christ should be able to lead others by word and example to maturity.[1] The irony is that members of the community have need for someone to instruct them again. The author was aware that they had received teaching in the Christian faith from the time they had heard and believed the message of salvation (Heb. 2:1-4). His assessment of their situation now however, is that they need to be taught all over again. At one level, they ought to go back to the basics. The community needs to be taught “the most elementary matters of the oracles of God’.  Dr. O’Brien notes that the term stoicheia could refer to physical or metaphysical principles, as well as ‘letters’ or ‘elements of the alphabet’, or by extension ‘any basic teaching.’[2] The community needed to learn the elementary teachings of the Christian faith. Some...

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Question and Answer: Jesus High Priestly Ministry and Temptation

Every week I am going to take a question and answer it. If you have a question or questions feel free to submit it here: and it will be answered either on the website or privately. This week’s question is, “How does understanding Jesus High Priest ministry relate to dealing with temptation? In the earlier verse (2:11) the author of Hebrews has demonstrated that Jesus and His people belong to the same family; the implication is that Jesus has assumed our human nature. Now the author indicates that the necessity of delivering His people from their enemies, death and Satan, meant that Jesus had to become man. He had to have a body of flesh and blood and had to be fully human in order to set His people free. Delivering His followers from the curse of sin and the clutches of the devil demanded nothing short of taking the place of those whom God has given Him but who stood condemned because of their sin. The author of Hebrews elaborates more on this point in Hebrews 4:14 with the phrase “the Son of God” which is a reference to both the title of humanity (Jesus) and of deity (Son of God). The writer in Hebrews 4:15 adds to his statements in 2:18 that Jesus was sinless. Jesus was able to be tempted (Matthew 4:1-11), but not able to sin (Heb. 7:26). Though Jesus...

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Question and Answer: Hebrews 2:3 and Assurance

Every week I am going to take a question and answer it. If you have a question or questions feel free to submit it here: and it will be answered either on the website or privately. This week’s question is, “What does the word “neglect” in Hebrews 2:3 mean, and how can I have increased assurance of my salvation?” The key word in Hebrews 2:3 is salvation. The term has already been used in Hebrews 1:14, in which the readers are told that all angels are ministering spirits that serve believers (the heirs of salvation). The value of salvation ought never to be underestimated, for its price was the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. Jesus is called the author of salvation who brings many sons to glory (2:10). The believer’s salvation is immeasurably great. As Hebrews 2:2 states, the message of the Old Testament cannot be violated without suffering the consequences. How much more, then (this verse says), ought believers to treasure their salvation. If believers ever ignore the message concerning redemption; it is impossible for them to escape God’s wrath and subsequent punishment. Dr. Guthrie points out that those who care so little about the word of salvation that they neglect it will find no escape from the punishment they deserve.[1] Dr. O’Brien notes that the warning of “neglect” is real, but conditional; as it is not stated...

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Question and Answer: Making godly decisions to the glory of God

The other day, I was asked by someone online, “How do I make major or minor decisions?” The first thing I do in making a decision whether major or minor is to pray. The second thing, I do is read through and meditate on the book of Proverbs. The third thing I do is to go talk to godly counselors since Proverbs teaches that in the abundance of counselors there is wisdom (Proverbs 11:14). The fourth thing I do is to pray again. After I’ve done all of this- prayed, read Proverbs (or other Scripture also), talked to godly counselors, prayed again, I make the decision. If you noticed the order of how I make a decision, I intentionally put in the word “prayer” twice. At every crucial juncture of Jesus ministry- He prayed. Just to give two examples, Jesus prayed before He commissioned the Twelve Disciples, and in the Garden of Gethsemane before He went to the Cross. If prayer was so central to the ministry of Jesus then it ought to be essential to the lives of those who proclaim themselves to be follower of Jesus. Making decisions, whether they are major or minor can be difficult. Some decisions such as getting married involve your entire family close friends, and you’re Pastor. Other decisions may not involve a wide circle of people in your life. All decisions...

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