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Donald Macleod – Adoption: A New Father and a New Heart

Martin Luther, whose tormented conscience and anguished thinking launched the Protestant Reformation, once remarked, “If the doctrine of justification is lost, the whole of Christian doctrine is lost.” It is hardly surprising, then, that there is voluminous Protestant literature on justification. The doctrine of adoption, by contrast, has been largely neglected. Yet the two are inseparably linked. Grace Beyond and Above Which is not to say that they are identical. Adoption is a grace beyond and above justification. In justification, God acquits sinners of all the charges against them. Indeed, he goes further still and declares that in Christ...

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Joseph Franks – High Law … High Grace … High Worship

  The Law comes from our good God. The Law comes as a good gift from our good God. The Law is a good presentation of God’s standard of goodness. It tell us that which is really good in the sight of God. The Law is a good magnifier of our non-goodness. It does a very good job of showing us the thousands of ways we fall short of God’s expectations regarding our conduct and character. Yes, the Law is good, but it is not good at everything. The Law is not good at inspiring and transforming our souls....

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Loraine Boettner – The Atonement

1. THE ATONEMENT The two great objectives to be accomplished by Jesus Christ in His mission to this world were, first, the removal of the curse under which mankind labored as a result of the disobedience and fall, and second, the restoration of men to the image and fellowship of God. Both of these were essential to salvation. The work of Christ in reconciling God and men we call the Atonement; and this doctrine, we believe, lies at the very heart of the Christian system. In the nature of the case we are altogether dependent on Scripture for our...

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