Category: Methodology

Tim Bertolet – The New Testament’s Use of the Old Testament: A Seed Coming to Blossom

The New Testament primarily uses the Old Testament to show that God is bringing his promises to fulfillment. God’s history of revelation and redemption comes to a climax in a manner that is continuous with the Old. When we think of the use of the Old Testament in the New Testament there are a number of analogies that writers have used over the years. One of the more helpful analogies is that of a seed that has grown to fruition having now blossomed in the fulfillment of the plan of God. Consider the composition of a seed. On the...

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Jason Allen – How Do You Know if a Sermon is Expository?

What constitutes an expository sermon? Better yet, how might the preacher know if he has preached an expository sermon, and how might the congregation know if they’ve heard one? The question is a bit more angular than one might initially perceive. It is a question that has struck me in recent months, as I have heard multiple preachers describe their preaching style as expository. Never mind that they give little attention to interpreting the text, applying the text, or actually preaching the text. Regrettably, the title “expository preaching” has grown so elastic that it has become an almost inadequate,...

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