Category: How Do I Engage in the Spiritual Disciplines

Six Ways I Engage in the Spiritual Disciplines

Thanks to Dave Jenkins for asking me to participate in this testimonial series on the spiritual disciplines. First, I’d like to say that the spiritual disciplines are a vehicle and not the destination. If spiritual disciplines are our highest aim, our aim is cheap and nothing more than an idol. The spiritual disciplines are a means of grace God gives us so that we may cherish and enjoy Him. The spiritual disciplines are also a means God uses to train us for the purpose of godliness (1 Tim. 4:7). Therefore, when we engage in spiritual disciplines, the goal is to commune...

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Growing in the Spiritual Disciplines

How do I engage in spiritual disciplines? Inconsistently. That single word describes two sides to my practice of spiritual disciples. On the one hand, I use the word inconsistently to describe my struggle with spiritual disciplines. Over the last twenty years, I have regularly spent time in Bible reading and prayer. However, I’ve consistently missed days. Despite my good intentions, I’ve never been able to have a “quiet time” every single day for an extended period without missing a day. Here are a few examples of my “inconsistency.” I have four young kids. Kids require tremendous time and energy....

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Benefits of Reading Through the Bible

I recently finished reading through the Bible for the sixteenth time. While this is a personal milestone I’m thankful for, I certainly am not boasting about it. In fact, when I consider that George Mueller, who was converted at the age of 20 and died at the age of 92, read the Bible through 100 times while simultaneously caring for over 10,000 orphans—I am a bit embarrassed and reminded I have a long way to go! As I pause and reflect on how regular Bible intake has truly been a blessing to me, there are a few thoughts I’d...

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