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Book Review – Paralyzed by Fear or Empowered by Hope

Paralyzed by fear or Empowered by Hope: A Fresh look at Psalm 23 is written by Dr. Mac Brunson, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. The purpose of this work is to give a verse by verse study of Psalm 23 with historical context, engagement with Psalm 23, and practical insight. This book promises that it is a verse by verse treatment of Psalm 23 but the author spends most of his time not engaging in explanation of the text, but in giving stories, and application. This is not to say that the book is unhelpful but it promises to be a verse by verse study and ends up being a devotional rather than solid verse by verse treatment of Psalm 23. This book should be classified along the lines of a devotional because that is exactly what it is. As a devotional it has many stories, and much application. As a verse by verse treatment of this book, I cannot recommend it. If one wants to read a devotional filled with stories, application and a few verses sprinkled in but with very little explanation of Psalm 23 then by pick up this book. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from NavPress Publishers as part of their Blogger Review Program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have...

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Book Review– Developing Healthy Spiritual Growth

Christians have always been interested in how they are to grow in Christ. While Christianity has a long history of talking and writing about how to grow in Christ what is often missed in that particular discussion; especially in contemporary discussions is the Gospel. We are often focused on the mechanics of growing that we miss out on the source. This is why Christians should rejoice in the resurgence in interest in the Puritans because they sought to implement a thoroughly explicit understanding of biblical Christianity to the totality of their daily life and church life. Few men have written as widely or as much on the Puritans today as Dr. Joel Beeke. I’ve long enjoyed his work and thank God for his passion for the Puritans. Recently Dr. Beeke wrote, Developing Healthy Spiritual Growth: Knowledge, practice and experience. The book examines Colossians 1:9-14 with a view to show the importance of a biblical and Reformed spirituality for all of life. Many people who are new to the Reformed understanding of the Christian faith will find this book a boon to their spiritual lives. The Reformers did not only emphasize Scripture but also the importance of aligning one’s whole life with the Word of God. The Puritans took seriously the teaching of the Reformers and sought to implement that teaching into all of life. Another way to say this...

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