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Book Review – John Flavel: Puritan Life and Thought in Stuart England

The past decade or perhaps more has seen a vast increase in the amount of literature coming out dedicated to the Puritans. The fascination with the Puritans is not a new one but rather one many Christians of previous times in church history greatly enjoyed and benefited from. The resurgence of Puritan literature is cause for celebration since their thought in large measure influenced mighty men such as Jonathan Edwards and many others who in turn God used to impact the world with the Gospel. What is the fascination with the Puritans? Why are they so popular? Should every Christian spend their time and energy reading and studying them or just ignore them? After all everyone’s time is very limited and everyone is extremely busy with Church, family, work and hobbies. Shouldn’t we just focus on our own time period and our own struggles and neglect the Puritans? While those questions are worth reflecting on, I earnestly believe that the Puritans are worth reading and worthy of study because they were men who were faithful to the Truth of the Word of God and who sought to faithfully proclaim the Gospel. The Puritans are remembered because of their faithfulness to God. Even after these many years people still read the Puritans because they sought to take the Word of God and apply it to all of life. Since our...

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Book Review – Living By Revealed Truth: The Life and Pastoral Theology of Charles Haddon Spurgeon

When it comes to heroes, none is greater than the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is everything to me, without Him I am nothing, and in and through His finished work my sin is addressed, forgiven and washed in the blood of the spotless Lamb of God. With that said, one of the greatest influences in my Christian life has been Charles Spurgeon. While Spurgeon does not come anywhere near the Lord Jesus Christ and I do not bow and worship Spurgeon, I do honor and greatly respect Spurgeon. His influence on my life and thought is massive. Moreover, the influence of Charles Spurgeon is felt more than ever today as he is the most published Christian author in church history.[i] Helmut Thielicke helpfully points out the widespread impact and influence of Spurgeon’s ministry noting, “The fire Spurgeon kindled turned into a beacon that shone across the seas and down through generations, was no mere brush fire of sensationalism, but an inexhaustible blaze that glowed and burned on solid hearths and was fed by the wells of the eternal Word. Here was the miracle of a brush that burned with fire and yet was not consumed.”[ii] A new biography on Spurgeon called Living By Revealed Truth: The Life and Pastoral Theology of Charles Spurgeon by Dr. Tom Nettles, Professor of Historical Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky has recently hit the bookshelves. ...

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