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Theology For Life is a daily podcast dedicated to walking you through the meaning of theological words, discussing contemporary theological issues, author interviews. In addition to this we have weekly by verse sermons. Our goal is to help you know, love and to declare the Gospel as you grow in your understanding of the Word of God. Your hosts for Theology For Life are Shaun Tabatt and Dave Jenkins. We post the podcast in the morning Monday through Saturday. If you subscribe, you will automatically get every episode for free. Coming soon we will also be answering your questions. If you have a question you would like to see answered please go to our contact for here and submit our question. If you have enjoyed this sermon, please subscribe: iTunes RSS Podcast Archive #01: The Drama of Doctrine Released 3/11/2013 #02: Theology: The Study of God Released 3/12/2013 #03: Creation Released 3/13/2013 #4: Genesis 3:15 and the Protoevangelium Released 3/14/2013 #5: Adam and Eve: Real People in Real History Released 3/15/2013 #6: Author Interview with Brian Cosby Released 3/18/2013 #7:  Redemption Released 3/19/2013 #8: Author Interview Jim McNeely Released 3/20/2013 #9: Restoration Released 3/21/2013 #10: Justification Released 3/22/2013 #11: Author Interview: Keith Williams Released 3/25/2013 #12: True and False Repentance Released 3/26/2013 #13: Author Interview: Bodge Hodge Released 3/27/2013 #14: The Death of Christ Released 3/28/2013 #15:  The Resurrection of Christ  Released 3/29/2013 #16:  Author Interview: Bill Foster Released 4/1/2013 #17: Engaging Worldviews  Released 4/2/2013 #18: Author Interview: Simonetta Carr Released...

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