Author: Taylor Cain

Five Things to Consider Before Making Your Next Christian Book Purchase

Christian books are easy to find. They can be found in used bookstores, new bookstores, or garage sales. But it takes wisdom, effort, and research to find the right ones which can be nourishment to your soul. The other day my wife and I were strolling through one of our city’s used bookstores. As we browsed the shelves, we came across the small collection of books under the label of “Spiritual.” Now spiritual is a vague term, which is inclusive and not very precise. This could include a variety of books that could be beneficial for my spiritual health...

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We Should Never Stop Singing

This past weekend my wife, myself, and a few others did an intensive membership class for the church we’ve been attending the past month and a half. The teaching pastor covered everything from a biblical understanding of the Gospel to how they practiced church discipline. Then came Sunday. The morning started out foggy, damp, but it quickly turned into a torrential downpour. Thunder clapped loudly during service. The lightning danced around outside the glass windows so much the projector flickered. But we continued to worship, singing, and listening to the Word preached. It helped me remember our first Sunday at this church....

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Young Men, Aspire to Be Elders

Young men, aspire to be elders. 1 Timothy 3:1, “The saying is trustworthy: If anyone aspires to the office of overseer, he desires a noble task.” In the coming weeks, a lot of Christian college students will be moving into their dorms. Some will be headed out the door of mom and dad and into the dorm of someone they do not know. There will be lots of people who will be there to influence them. A lot of these same individuals may have the mission to sway these students who say with their mouth they love Jesus but...

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The Distraction of Seminary

Seminary in many ways can distract the Christian from his daily need to meet with God. It is easy to get sucked into studying about God, getting our theology right, and neglecting our time with God. Many authors and bloggers have written about such a subject. But what I haven’t seen written on is what I will work through in this post to spur you to prepare yourself from the distraction that seminary can be. My wife and I moved to Kansas City so I could continue pursuing my Masters of Divinity on campus. While I considered living off...

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God’s Handiwork in Providing Ordinary Jobs While in Seminary

As I am looking for a job here in Kansas City, I can’t help but reflect back on a job that God put in my life to sustain my wife and me until moving to the seminary. About a month ago I worked at a factory where I operated a machine that packages panty hose. I didn’t like telling anyone what I was doing. I graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. I wanted to be a news writer. That never happened. My plan after college was to go to seminary. Then I met a young girl...

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