Author: Stacey Reaoch

God Hears Us

Life is full of both hills and valleys. And when we’re in the valley, it can often feel dark and lonely. We wonder if anyone sees our sorrow. Does anyone notice our sadness? Does anyone care? There is something in human nature that longs to be noticed, cared about, loved. This is one reason social media has become such a phenomenon. Anyone can post their terrible day or their epic accomplishment to a world of virtual viewers who can then provide encouraging words within seconds. It can be a quick fix to lift our spirits, at least for a...

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Seven Questions about Books, Life, and Ministry with Stacy Reaoch

Let’s start out by telling our readers a little about you. (Current ministry context, family, joys in life, etc.) I am a pastor’s wife, mother of four, and writer. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, Ben. Together we serve Three Rivers Grace Church in Pittsburgh, PA. Our kids range from preschool to high school so, in some ways, I feel like I cover every corner of motherhood! It makes our life very full. This week my high schooler took the PSAT while I was teaching my preschooler the alphabet. When I’m not running the mom-taxi cab to various...

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Delight in Your Children

On a drive home from being out of town for the weekend, we stopped at a rest stop on the Ohio Turnpike. All six of us piled out of our van and walked through the hot, sunny parking lot to the front doors. As we walked, we passed a waist-high column made of stones that held an ashtray on the top. “Oooh!  Look at that!” said my three-year old as he stepped across the sidewalk to touch the stones. My daughter and I looked at each other with a smile. Our youngest seems to find delight in the smallest...

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