Author: Laura Miller

Scheduling The Talk with Yourself

As I write this, fans of two major sports are watching their favorite teams battle it out for the championships. There are four teams left in each league, and from this round of games, two hockey teams will advance to the Stanley Cup finals and two basketball teams will square off in the men’s NBA playoffs. The competition has been intense. Injuries wreak havoc on line-ups. Morning–after analyses and video replays fill our social media feeds as series domination swings back and forth with every game. Whether their team is ahead or behind, fans sit glued to their screens,...

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Yes Is Better Than No

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” William Shakespeare wasn’t the first to make the connection between drama on a stage and drama in life, but his words are perhaps the most memorable. The parallels arise in my thoughts quite often when I’m working with theater students—such as how improvisation activities can also serve as exercises in Christian contentment and biblical servanthood. Take, for example, the Yes Factor. Make It Yes! The Yes Factor is a fundamental concept in improvisational theater—or improv, defined as a form of live, unplanned theater played without the...

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Sheepdogs, Sheep, and a Shepherd

Once upon a time, there was a young sheepdog named Tag who lived in a house with a girl named Hannah. In Hannah’s second grade class, it was a highlight of the year when students were allowed to share something special with their classmates. Sometimes a dad came in and talked about his job as a policeman. Sometimes a grandmother came in and talked about her experience as a child coming to this country as an immigrant. Sometimes – and these were the best times of all – pets came to class to be shown off as the best...

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When God Pries My Fingers off My Children

This is not one of those posts where a mom looks back to her early days of motherhood and wishes she’d known then what she knows now about potty-training or education choices or organic clothing. Although I totally wish we’d moved to the country sooner than we did. Nor is it a post where guarantees are made that the right parenting philosophy will result in model children. Nor will you find convincing anecdotes or moving illustrations that highlight the virtues of well-brought-up offspring (especially mine). It’s not a post that encourages parents to rightly prioritize more biblical and godly...

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Found. Redeemed. Welcomed.

My husband describes the moment that he realized I was the one he’d been looking for this way: “It was like spotting a fugitive on the street whose wanted photo you’ve been carrying around for months.” Not very romantic, I know, but you have to understand the mind of a cop, especially one whose focus during a hunt becomes laser-like. (His nickname was Hawkeye, for Pete’s sake.) He explains that a photo can be helpful — or misleading. It’s a start, but the possibility of there being many look-alikes can contribute to time lost and resources wasted. The image...

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