Author: Michael Milton

Five Necessary Steps in a Call of God

Introduction to the Reading In risky times, God is getting our attention. Sometimes we think of surprises in our lives as the interruptions of life. But there can be no journey of Biblical faith without a divine interruption in our lives. And there can be no beginning without a divine interruption of our lives. We call that interruption “The call.” Will you turn with me to Exodus 3:1-10 chapter three and the calling of Moses? Introduction to the Sermon I could not look him in the eye when he asked me. “Are you called?” Dr. Eckley was a retired...

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Somewhere between our role models for manhood—like basketball stars who cross dress, baseball players addicted to drugs, and college football players who beat up females in dorm rooms—and our contorted view of manhood as seen on TV shows—where Dad is pictured as a harmless idiot who must be guided by either his wiser children or more sophisticated feminist wife—we’ve become more than a little confused. Now, how does that bother me? It bothers me as a father of a son because I don’t want my boy to think that those role models in this present evil age represent what...

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