Author: Matt Perman

The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards in Categories

As I worked on my book on gospel-centered productivity, Jonathan Edward’s resolutions have been very relevant and significant. Edwards is an example to us of true productivity — he shows us that true productivity is about a life well lived and that, even more, a life well lived is a God-centered life. Edwards also shows us that a well lived life doesn’t just happen; it requires intentionality. And intentionality manifests itself in certain “mechanisms” that help us maintain our intentionality. Edwards’ resolutions are one example of such a “mechanism.” So Edwards is a good example not just of a...

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The Importance of Stating the Obvious

There are many passages of Scripture where we fail to take the main point to heart, either because it seems so basic or because we immediately go to the more complex questions we have. For example, Hebrews 13:5 says: “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” That is an amazing truth! But we often fail to grasp it, because we immediately go to the difficult questions about this text, like: “What if a person stops believing? Will God forsake them then?” That’s an important question to ask, but before we go there, we need to stop and be...

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Sanctification Series: What is the Gospel?

Editors Note: This is a new series on sanctification designed to help our readers understand what sanctification is and how to grow in Christ. Mike Boling wrote the first post in the sanctification series looking at spiritual warfare and the armor of God. Dave wrote the second post on Jesus encounter with Jesus and how Christians are to use Scripture in the midst of temptation. Dr. Thaddeus Williams wrote the third post about how to kill sin. Chris Poblete wrote the fourth post about seven ways to wage war against sin. Dave Jenkins wrote the fifth post in this...

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