Author: Joshua Mills

A Simple Trust and Humility

PSALM 131 The more the Christian matures in Christ, the more humble and childlike their faith becomes. In Psalm 131 the Psalmist confesses a simple and humble trust in His God. David is the author, but the circumstances of this Psalm are not readily apparent. However, David confesses his childlike trust in the Lord and urges others to do the same. In this text, David gives us a brief glimpse into his own soul and what has happened within. When his story is complete, he can’t help but share what he has learned with others! In this text, we...

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Revive Us Again

What is Revival? Revival is a period of restoration. The root word means to restore something back to the fullness of life. Revival is also a rekindling of spiritual life in individual Christians and local churches which have fallen on sluggish times. True revival brings a fresh emphasis on the holiness and righteousness of God, the total depravity of man and the wickedness of sin, which brings about true repentance and genuine conversion to Christ. Such revival is always a sovereign work of God brought about in response to the prayers of His people. The central thrust of Psalm...

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