Author: Josh Buice

Yes Christian, You Need the Local Church

It happens to be one of the more popular traps along the journey of faith—the idea that somewhere along the path of righteousness we somehow outgrow our need for the church. Perhaps you’ve met someone who was too busy for the church.  Maybe you’ve encouraged someone who thought they were too important for the church. What was once the central aspect of their life has now turned into an occasional hobby. We all need a healthy reminder from time-to-time that we need the church in all seasons and successes of life. We Need the Church for Worship – Not Entertainment...

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The Reformation, Preaching, and What is Needed Today

500 Years of the Reformation Why We Need Revival and Reformation Today Five centuries ago, an unknown Augustinian monk named Martin Luther rocked the world with his Reformation theology and preaching. What started out as an attempt to engage in a debate turned into the greatest awakening in human history since the explosion that occurred at Pentecost. In 1517, the front of the Castle Church’s door served as a large social media outlet in primitive form. Long before the social media platforms of our day with smartphones and apps at our fingertips, Luther, and his colleagues would enter into...

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Please Stop Saying — “God Told Me”

It happened again recently. I was listening to a sermon online, and the preacher said, “God told me.” Apparently, everyone in the congregation enjoyed it from the response I heard, but I immediately turned it off. This type of communication is becoming more prevalent in Christian circles. It’s also showing up in conversations because people are hearing it from the pulpit and reading it in books they purchased from the local Christian bookstore. Perhaps it sounds spiritual or is emotionally stirring to the congregation. Although the “God told me” method of communicating makes for interesting, suspenseful, and entertaining stories, what...

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Three Marks of a True Christian

Recently, after returning from a lengthy ministry trip to Europe, I was privileged to be reunited with our local church for corporate worship.  I preached from 1 John 3:11-24 in our ongoing series titled, “Know.” As you know, John the apostle used the word “know” some thirty times in his epistle. Therefore, he was not the apostle of ambiguity. True Christians Love One Another The message that the church has heard from the beginning was centered on the true gospel of Christ that results in a genuine love for the whole church.  Rather than a love for one area...

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Luther and Discipleship

Recently, I spent eight days tracing the steps of Martin Luther on a Reformation 500 tour. As I read, studied, and prepared for the tour over the past year, I focused on the significant events and essential facts of Luther and the Protestant Reformation. As with any trip like this, you always leave with a better understanding of history and the context in which these events unfolded. One thing that became clear to me over this trip is Luther’s focus on discipleship. We often have the image of the monk at the Castle Church’s door with a large hammer...

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