Author: Gaye Clark

From Pew Sitter to Abolitionist Sex Trafficking and the Church

Pornography and sex-trafficking have gained a foothold of normalcy in the United States. Don’t believe it? Advertisements for sex with minors are now posted on several mainstream online ad companies. The activity is indeed illegal. But the right to advertise it, according to a majority of state and now federal courts, is not. Few news agencies reported these recent rulings. Last year Amnesty International called for the decriminalization of prostitution. Did the Church join the conversation? Did they even know about it? Then consider this excerpt from the book, The Pimp Game, An Instructional Guide by Mickey Royal, currently...

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Sex Trafficking Numbers You Can Trust

When it comes to sex trafficking, sound numbers of who, how many, and where are difficult to find. Most widely reported numbers are estimates. Many have been discredited. The 2014 Trafficking In Persons (TIP) report included this cautionary statement when using its data: “Numbers are not always the story. Pursue individual stories of survival, new government initiatives, or innovative research efforts until better data are available.” There are several reasons why reliable data is so elusive. For one, pimps make it a priority to remain hidden while maintaining firm control of their victims. The use of the Internet through...

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