Author: Jennifer Brogdon

Alive in Him: How Being Embraced by the Love of Christ Changes Everything by Gloria Furman

I have read every book that Gloria Furman has written. What I love the most about her books is her persistent hammering of the gospel into each page. While her other books deal mainly with the gospel and womanhood, Alive in Him intrigued me to dive in even more as it is a book about Ephesians—an epistle that highly elevates the gospel. In this book, Furman trades her hammer for a drill and begins to drill (graciously) the gospel of Jesus Christ into the reader as she covers its themes among all six chapters of Ephesians. Many believers know...

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The Curious Christian by Barnabas Piper

The closest I’ve been to being a curious person happened when I became curious about what Barnabas Piper could write about it in his most recent book, The Curious Christian. I’m the type of uncurious person who doesn’t care when someone accidentally almost tells me something, says never mind, and proceeds to wait for me to beg him or her to tell me. They want me to be bugged enough to bug it out of them. I mind-boggle people with my ability to move on without a whimper or care. I realized after I read the introduction, he wrote...

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Go Back to the Local Church

Go Back to Church Perhaps a Pastor painted a poor picture of Pastors for you. Maybe a church staffer didn’t elevate your ministry the way you thought it deserved. Did a fellow member rebuke you harshly instead of with gentleness and in love? Cultural Christians and their hypocrisy, possibly, have made you sick over the years. Or is it that members, your friends, left your church, and it no longer has the same homey feel? No matter whose fault it was (it could have been yours), the local church burned you like a finger that touched a hot stove....

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