Author: Jason Garwood

Act Like A Man

Gentlemen: You are not boys. Women are not objects. Christ is most assuredly King. I’ve noticed a trend in young men who relinquish their God-given role as spiritual leaders in their families: childish, selfish, pride–filled immaturity. Some of them have been married for several years now. Others have children out of wedlock. But that is the common problem: immaturity. As a pastor, I spend a lot of my time not just studying, but counseling. I’ve listened to wives cry for hours because of the pain caused by men who forfeit their role (Genesis 3). I’ve watched couples fall apart...

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5 Critical Keys to Healthy Discipleship

Everyone makes disciples, and everyone shares good news about it. Just think about all the disciples that are made each and every Fall as college football and the NFL kicks off (pun intended) with a brand new season full of thrills and excitement. It’s not new. It’s the same game played each and every year. But there’s much to be excited about. Why? Because we love it. We throw on our favorite jersey, eat our favorite nachos, and party while grown men war for a trophy. It’s great. Disciples love the object that is teaching them something. The very definition of a...

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Excerpt of Be Holy: Learning the Path of Sanctification

Editors Note: Recently our executive editor Dave Jenkins endorsed a new book Be Holy: Learning the Path of Sanctification by Jason Garwood. Here is what he had to say: “We are living in a time (and culture) when great confusion exists in the Church regarding how we are to grow in Christ. While many people rightly teach the biblical balance between grace and effort in the Christian life–some overemphasize grace to the neglect of effort . . . . This is why I’m thrilled to recommend Be Holy: Learning the Path of Sanctification. Garwood understands firsthand the struggles people face...

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