Author: Matt Brown

Six Important Reasons Church Is Important, Especially If You Think You Know It All Already

If you’re like me, you grew up going to church every time the doors were open. As I grew older, and became more involved in ministry and began studying in Bible college, I likely went to church or chapel services 7-10 times a week for years. Since graduation, as Michelle and I pursued ministry, we continue to either be in church services or lead church services multiple times a week. Collectively, this has added up to thousands upon thousands of church services, sermons, prayers, and worship sets. If we are not careful, lots of familiarities can add up to...

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Nine Characteristics of a Healthy Christian Who Represents Jesus Well

Editor’s note: The purpose of this series is to write on “Issues in the Church” that either aren’t talked about, ignored entirely, or that we want to contribute to the discussion on. Our goal with this series is to help our readers think through these issues from a biblical worldview with lots of practical gospel-application. Read the rest of the series here. ************************************************** Just because someone calls themselves a Christian doesn’t mean they are a good representation of Jesus. Those of us who calls ourselves Christians fail in different ways to represent the amazing love, grace, and purity of...

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