Author: Craig Hurst

An Interview with Dr. Robert Carter

T4L: Hello, Dr. Carter! Could you give us the elevator ride introduction to yourself and your ministry? Dr. Carter: Creation Ministries International was started in Australia nearly 40 years ago. Today, we have an international team of about 30 speakers operating out of seven different English-speaking countries. I believe we employ more PhD scientists than any other Christian ministry in the world. We publish Creation Magazine and the Journal of Creation, dozens of books and DVDs, and host a massive and comprehensive website, I am amazed to even be able to work with so many fine people. As...

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Advice to Married Seminary Students

Editor’s Note: The purpose of this series is to help students whether they are preparing for, attending, or have graduated from seminary to grow in the God’s grace. To read the rest of the articles in this series click here. ***************** When I arrived at seminary I was excited. I looked forward to the learning and growth. I asked my pastor and college professors for advice on making it as successful as possible. If there is one thing I learned about seminary, during seminary, it is that despite the amount of advice you will receive no one person can...

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The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Salvation: A Brief Overview of the Spirit’s Role in the Doctrines of Grace

When it comes to the place of the Holy Spirit within the doctrines of grace, or, as it is commonly called, the five points of Calvinism, He is usually relegated solely to irresistible grace. That is, His primary work is usually thought of only as drawing the unsaved sinner to Christ in such a way that they cannot, and do not want to, resist this working in their lives. While the role of the Holy Spirit in irresistible grace is clear, it needs to be equally clear that the working of the Holy Spirit extends throughout all of the...

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Jesus’ Growth in Knowledge and Wisdom

Orthodox Christians affirm that Jesus is God and possesses deity equal with the Father and the Holy Spirit. That is, the three persons of the Trinity share in the same divine essence and thus the same divine attributes. Some of these divine attribute are classified as incommunicable in that only the Godhead (the three persons of the Trinity) possess them and they cannot be shared with, or possessed by, non-deity (humans). These incommunicable attributes include omnipotence (all-powerful), omnipresent (all-present), eternality (with no beginning or end), unchangeableness (His essential nature does not change) and omniscience (all-knowing). Since Jesus shares the...

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Lessons on the Journey of Adoption

Lessons on the Journey of Adoption I love to speak and write, but I am not a storyteller. In the adoption world story is king. The story of a child languishing in an orphanage across the ocean can pull on the hearts and minds of prospective adoptive parents and they will give all they can to make that child theirs. The story of a family’s adoptive journey can be the final push for another family to make the decision to adopt a child they have been thinking of and praying for months for, or even years. The story of...

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