Author: Christina Fox

Do Not Fear in the Face of Change

When you first have children, you quickly learn the importance of establishing a routine and some structure in their lives. Meal times and nap times are sacred. It’s always three stories before bed, and Mr. Bear must lie next to the pillow, or life just isn’t right. Children thrive on a routine. And when things change, when anything changes, they are quick to let you know that they don’t like it. The same is often true for us, as adults. We don’t like change either. We like things to be familiar and predictable. We like to know what to...

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Learning to Lament: 4 Lessons From Psalms

We all know that feeling: That grip on our heart when we turn on the morning news to hear about a heartbreaking tragedy that has just taken place; or when we open our email and read about fellow believers losing their life for the sake of Christ; or when we see our culture dishonor God and his holy Word. In our fallen world, there is much for us to grieve. There are many things we hear and learn about on a daily basis that leaves us bewildered, confused, saddened, crushed and even downright terrified. What is a believer to...

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Praying the Redemptive Story

Scripture has instructed and formed my prayer life in a myriad of ways. I’ve learned from the Lord’s Prayer the glorious truth of what it means to pray “My Father” and “Thy Will be Done.” Paul’s prayers have taught me to look beyond immediate physical needs and desires and to the deeper spiritual needs of the heart. The Psalmist’s raw honesty has taught me to come to the throne of grace just as I am. A perhaps lesser known prayer I’ve learned from Scripture, yet just as important is praying through God’s story, the story of redemption. A Prayer...

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The Cure for Our Envy

A friend sent a text to share with me about an amazing restaurant she went to. She described the wonderful meal she enjoyed and included a photo. I began to text back, “I’m so jealous!” but paused, then hit delete and changed it to “I’m so envious!” before hitting “Send.” Jealousy vs. Envy Jealousy and envy. They are two words that I’ve often used interchangeably. Whether I admired a friend’s new purchase from the mall, compared my rambunctious children to a friend’s well-behaved children, or wished my ministry was as successful as another’s, I’ve often considered my responses to be a form of jealousy. But they are not. You might think, “What does it even matter?” Let me first say that I’m not part of the police squad for how we use the English language. This isn’t just a matter of semantics. There is a subtle, yet real difference between jealousy and envy and it’s a difference that matters to us spiritually. When we understand the difference, it helps us better identify and repent of the sin in our lives. But more importantly, knowing the difference helps us understand the love of Jesus who has saved us. But first, let’s look at jealousy. In his book Respectable Sins, Jerry Bridges defines jealousy as “intolerance of rivalry” (149). A common reason for jealousy might be if someone were to try...

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Five Ways to Prevent Ministry Burnout

It was a busy day of ministry. Five thousand people covered the hillside where Jesus taught, not including women and children. The evening was coming on fast, and the people were hungry. So Jesus fed them food from a boy’s lunch of two small fish and five loaves of bread. Scripture tells us that, “after he had dismissed the crowds, he went up on the mountain by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone” (Matt. 14:23). Ministry and burnout The demands of ministry haven’t changed much in the last two thousand years. Ministry remains a 24/7 job....

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