Author: Byron Wilkes

Worship and Eternity

Forever is a word we throw around all the time without thinking about its true meaning. In frustration, we say things like, I’ve been stuck in this traffic forever!  In sincerity, we say things like; I will love you forever. In reality, we can’t fully comprehend forever, yet we will spend forever in worship. It’s not always good to dwell on the past, but it is good to remember where we’ve come from and what we’ve learned from our experiences to appreciate where we are now and to prepare us to move forward. The theme of remembrance appears all...

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Theology and Doxology: How Our View of God Affects our Worship of God

When most people hear the word theology, they may first think of something reserved only for those in seminary. Though it can be highly technical, theology is simply the study of God. R.C. Sproul wrote a book titled, Everyone’s A Theologian. This is true, especially for Christians, and is crucially important for all Christians. Every Christian should be continually growing and progressing in their knowledge and understanding of who God is. The way we view God—the way we think of God—has a tremendous influence on the way we worship God and on the way we live our lives. When...

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Worship, Hunger, and Thirst

Most of us have never experienced true hunger or true thirst.  Not at the life-threatening level.  We frequently complain of hunger when it has been a while since our last meal. We are quick to say we are thirsty when we exert ourselves physically or if we’re exposed to heat for too long.  Although these feelings are very real to us in these times, we’re not in danger of imminent death. Most healthy humans can survive up to eight weeks with no food as long as they have water.  Some have survived longer than eight weeks without food while...

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