Author: Barnabas Piper

Not by Curiosity Alone

“Not by Curiosity Alone” Excerpt from The Curious Christian: How Discovering Wonder Enriches Every Part of Life by Barnabas Piper Curiosity is a powerful force, the key to solving many an enigma and overcoming many a challenge. It can genuinely change lives for the better and even change communities and cultures. But it can do none of these things on its own. Just like any worth- while pursuit, curiosity can be turned to selfish ends, the furthering of sinful agendas, or the bettering of one person at the expense of another. It can be driven by pride, and the...

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Conviction versus Curiosity

Conviction versus Curiosity From The Curious Christian by Barnabas Piper Can someone be a person of conviction and a curious person at the same time? It’s a pertinent question because all this talk of “in versus of” the world seems to create a tension. Stereotypically the people we think of with the most conviction are not people we would consider to be very curious. Instead of learning and seeking their motto seems to be “Here I am; I will not be moved.” They’re static and closed-minded, whereas curiosity is dynamic and demands movement. In short, people of conviction are...

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